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Dr. Blythe Sather is the Vice President and Head of Research at Tune Therapeutics.

Prior to Tune, Blythe was the Senior Director of T Cell Engineering at Lyell Immunopharma, and an Associate Director of Research at Juno Therapeutics. At Lyell, she helped build the pipeline research group from the ground up, and developed several CAR and TCR next-generation products for solid tumors.

At Juno, she was instrumental in building the CAR T cell development platform, and led the multiple myeloma CAR T cell program. She also led the research collaboration with Editas Medicine to bring CRISPR-mediated gene editing to CAR and TCR T cell products.

She received her PhD in Immunology from the University of Washington, where her work focused on the function of regulatory T cells. Her postdoctoral work at Seattle Children’s Research Institute was focused on developing lentiviral gene therapies for a variety of diseases.