Tune Therapeutics is pioneering the creation of epi-therapeutic medicines.

The vast majority of human disease is governed by the epigenome, the subtle machinery that controls the volume of gene expression in cells. Traditional genetic medicines have long focused on protein-coding gene sequences, which constitute only 2% of the human genome. By exploring the other 98% that regulates these genes, we are discovering novel targets that are invisible or inaccessible to prior approaches.

Genetic tuning enables us to control expression levels across multiple genes simultaneously, by affecting the packing and accessibility of cellular DNA.


Unlike genome editing, our proprietary TEMPO platform dials the volume of gene expression up or down towards healthy levels, without breaking or permanently rewriting DNA – and it can do this in multiple genes at once (multiplexing). This allows us to change cell fate and function at will, unlocking the ability to reverse pathways of cancer, genetic disease and aging.

Our approach effectively expands the potential reach of genetic medicine – from targeting a limited range of rare conditions, to overcoming thousands of complex and chronic diseases that currently have no curative treatment.


Tune is driven by leaders with deep expertise in the fields of gene and cell therapy, genome editing, and epigenetics. In breaking free from the limitations of traditional genetic medicine, we are developing solutions for even the most challenging and intractable diseases – and building the capacity to transform human health and medicine.



Tune Therapeutics Launches with Pioneering Epigenomic Control Platform to Master Gene Networks, Treat Broad Range of Diseases


Join Us

Drawing upon deep, local talent pools in Durham and Seattle, Tune has assembled highly seasoned discovery and development teams with the potential to transform what is possible in the treatment of disease. Are you ready to become part of the next evolution of medicine?


Click position title to learn more. Email careers@tunetx.com to apply.

Director, T Cell Program Lead

We are looking for someone with a deep immunology background who can think creatively and efficiently to help bring our remarkable epi-genetic editing technology quickly to the clinic.

Head of Viral Delivery Development

We are looking for a leader of viral delivery development to help realize the promise of epigenetic programming.

Head of Product Development

We are looking for a Head of Product Development to lead product characterization and method development team within Technical Operations.

Head of Quality

We are looking for the Head of Quality who will establish and ensure compliance with Quality requirements, global regulatory and industry standards, internal standard operating procedures (SOPs), and federal regulations.

Operation/Facilities Manager

We are looking for someone to deliver the look and feel of the facilities and to establish the necessary contracts and processes to operate the facilities.

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

We are looking for someone to serve as executive assistant to the CEO and manage the administration team.