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Mastering the Epigenome Unlocking Complex Disease

All cells contain the same DNA, but the epigenome determines how, when, and where genes are expressed.

These epigenomic changes drive the characteristic differences between blood, muscle, and nerve cells…between healthy, diseased, and exhausted cells of all types

The structures and signals of the epigenome can keep a gene packed tight, inaccessible, and silent

…or open, accessible, and active within the cell.

Our TEMPO genetic tuning platform works in concert with these master conductors of gene activity

allowing us to turn up the volume on genes required for healthy cells and tissues…

…or turn down the volume on genes that cause or contribute to disease…

…ultimately rebalancing levels of gene expression – even in complex, multi-gene networks.

Genetic tuning via the epigenome opens the door to a powerful new class of treatments for common and chronic diseases.